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"If you want to meet God, do it on your own time and not my lunch hour..." is the mantra of Officer Brassfield, a veteran cop, who along with his imaginary partner, slog their way through the dead and the dying in their own struggle with life and death.  Brassifield and his rookie partner Compton are just trying to make it through the next shift without getting blood on their uniform.  But that is what they want you to think.  With blunt cynicisim and tactless humor they examine the dead and the dying while giving a guided tour in the dark world of suicide.  But reality is more murderous than they know.  A trap has been set, and they find that dying is the only mystery left for them to uncover.

 An armed man enters a United States post office and methodically slaughters his co-workers before turning the gun on himself.  The phenomenon is occurring with eerie frequency around the country and law  enforcement agencies are helpless to stop it.  The public watches in horror as the bloody scene is splashed on the five O'clock news.  U.S. postal workers are self-destructing in explosive rampages of terror across the nation.  With no official explanation for the tragedies, it is a young reporter who unravels the truth...But can she stay alive long enough to tell the story? 

  "The bus pulled into the transit station, and standing, I made my way to the front doors for a quick exit.  Time was distance, distance was life… Two steps from the door I broke my own rule and looked back catching her eye.  Spies never look back…"

A Dark hooded figure blends into the Shadows as just another rider on the city bus.  Tobias Reese, an artful killer and international spy, looks like any other disturbed teenager, homeless man or social misfit hitching a free ride to nowhere.  Governments of the world are trying to silence him, multi-national corporations trying to hunt him down.  The safety and security of mankind is held in his hands.  A secret too valuable to keep, a secret too deadly to tell.  Will he, and the world as he knows it, survive the bus ride?...He thinks not. 

About B.K.Barrett

Casualties of the Badge was my first novel which began in 1995 while working as a police officer fighting the drug war.

 The story begins in Mexico in 2009 when the new Presidential administration is negotiating what part the United States will play in combating the death and destruction of Mexico's  bloody drug war.  But it is an ex-Seattle cop that becomes wrapped up in the power struggle against the Mexican cartels .  The main character, David Garrett. becomes caught in the crossfire of the drug war and drawn into the fight.  He travels from the deep jungles of Peru and Colombia to the blue waters of the Caribbean in the battle against the wave of corruption and cocaine flowing into the United States.  After losing his family, his reputation and nearly his life, Garrett tries to hide in a small Mexican fishing village.  Years pass, but Garrett is forced back into the fight, for life, liberty and country...he becomes a casualty of the badge. 

Who is B.K.Barrett?

 B.K.Barrett is an up and coming writer in the Crime/Drama genre and has released his fourth novel to the public through www.amazon.com
Born in Oakland, California, B.K. Barrett started his police career on the downtown streets of Seattle fighting drugs and gangs where the riptide of corruption washes by every street corner.  He has been a cop for twenty-seven years and has been a tactical entry officer on SWAT, riot control officer and narcotics detective.  His career as a street officer gives his novels realism a that cannot be duplicated.  He has seen the drug trade firsthand on the streets of Peru, Colombia and Mexico.The author takes pride in making sure his stories are as real as they can get.  B.K. Barrett graduated from BYU in 1985 with a BA.  He makes his home in the Pacific Northwest where the hunting and fishing gives him the freedom of the outdoors where he can hear the call of the wild.  Born 150 years too late, he is more comfortable with a rifle in his arms and a pistol on his hip. 
B.K. Barrett has written numerous short stories and  is a published outdoor writer.  He is currently working  on his next novel Perfect Crime  which should be available in early 2019.  B.K. Barrett is not currently represented and is seeking an agent for national representation for his works 

Who is B.K.Barrett?

In 2016 B.K.Barrett retired from fighting crime on the street and now teaches law enforcement in Latin America to the brave young men and women who want to the make the world a better place.  B.K. Barrett is the pen name for Barrett Byers who has several works of fiction as well as some short stories yet to be published

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