B.K. BARRETT  author and fiction writer
Compton's Guide to Suicide
"If you want to meet God, do it on your own time and not my lunch hour..." is the mantra of Officer Brassfield, a veteran cop, who along with his imaginary partner, slog their way through the dead and the dying in their own struggle with life and death.  Brassifield and his rookie partner Compton are just trying to make it through the next shift without getting blood on their uniform.  But that is what they want you to think.  With blunt cynicisim and tactless humor they examine the dead and the dying while giving a guided tour in the dark world of suicide.  But reality is more murderous than they know.  A trap has been set, and they find that dying is the only mystery left for them to uncover.
Author's note:  Compton's was inspired by the dozens of suicides that I have seen and have had to clean up over the years.  People are stupid and let emotions take over where logic should prevail.  Brassfield says what all cops are thinking and don't have the nerve to tell you. For Brassfield he has seen enough. There is a certain grisly reality to look a person in the eye before they decide to put a bullet in their brain and go meet God. BKB 

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