B.K. BARRETT  author and fiction writer
Casualties of the Badge
The story begins in Mexico in 2009 when the new Presidential administration is negotiating what part the United States will play in combating the death and destruction of Mexico's  bloody drug war.  But it is an ex-Seattle cop that becomes wrapped up in the power struggle against the Mexican cartels .  The main character, David Garrett. becomes caught in the crossfire of the drug war and drawn into the fight.  He travels from the deep jungles of Peru and Colombia to the blue waters of the Caribbean in the battle against the wave of corruption and cocaine flowing into the United States.  After losing his family, his reputation and nearly his life, Garrett tries to hide in a small Mexican fishing village.  Years pass, but Garrett is forced back into the fight, for life, liberty and country...he becomes a casualty of the badge.
Author's notes:  The Author was a veteran of Operation Blue Lightning, a federal government drug interdiction program.  He traveled to  Peru and Bolivia and saw warehouses full of cocca waiting to be processed into cocaine.  The war on drugs is real and while most people only see the aftermath on the five O'clock news, there is a war raging in the fight for control over your neighborhoods and the lives of your children.

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