B.K. BARRETT  author and fiction writer
A Life As A Spy

"The bus pulled into the transit station, and standing, I made my way to the front doors for a quick exit.  Time was distance, distance was life… Two steps from the door I broke my own rule and looked back catching her eye.  Spies never look back…"

A Dark hooded figure blends into the Shadows as just another rider on the city bus.  Tobias Reese, an artful killer and international spy, looks like any other disturbed teenager, homeless man or social misfit hitching a free ride to nowhere.  Governments of the world are trying to silence him, multi-national corporations trying to hunt him down.  The safety and security of mankind is held in his hands.  A secret too valuable to keep, a secret too deadly to tell.  Will he, and the world as he knows it, survive the bus ride?...He thinks not.

This is my fourth novel and, while still in the action adventure genre, it departs slightly in style from the other three.  I pulled many of the characters and story lines from the news stories of current events.  So if you recognize the names and stories, you will know what I'm talking about.  At the end book you will know why.   As in most of my novels, there is usually a catch...an "Ah ha" moment that makes you read them again. 


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