B.K. BARRETT  author and fiction writer
A Criminal Mind
An armed man enters a United States post office and methodically slaughters his co-workers before turning the gun on himself.  The phenomenon is occurring with eerie frequency around the country and law  enforcement agencies are helpless to stop it.  The public watches in horror as the bloody scene is splashed on the five O'clock news.  U.S. postal workers are self-destructing in explosive rampages of terror across the nation.  With no official explanation for the tragedies, it is a young reporter who unravels the truth...But can she stay alive long enough to tell the story?
Author's Note:  Between 1986 and 1992 there were 168 people gunned down by rampaging United States postal workers coining the term "Going Postal".   Nobody has ever offered a reasonable explanation for the violence...until now.  Many of the events in the book are real...this is not science fiction.   
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